well i’m bored and i don’t think anyone cares but i thought i’d just post the merch i got from warped tour and what happened and stuff

so i got to see bring me the horizon and i was like four people away from the stage which was rad. i lost my shoe which kinda sucked because they were my favorite pair of shoes but i don’t mind. it was fun and i have other shoes.

i also saw:

while she sleeps who were great live and it was really cool to see them

like moths to flames who were really good

half of the amity afflictions’ set because nick (who is never on so don’t bother) had a ticket for i see stars’ signing so we left but anyway they were rad

and the wonder years who were really great

i saw other bands but those were the best in my opinion. i didn’t get to see man overboard because we kind of got in the venue late and they played pretty early but oh well

i didn’t really meet anyone because i always get too nervous whenever i have the chance unless you count two of the guys from set it off who came over to me and my friend because they were promoting their band and telling people to check them out. they were really nice and they gave us stickers.

so yeah i got those shirts and two cds which was really cool and no one really cares but i thought i’d share

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